The Sunday Six, no. 03

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School. School. School. That’s all that seems to be on my mind lately. Spring break is now officially over for me, which means I can finally start looking forward to graduation! Here are a few college-related things (Sports? Wow) that have been on my mind this week:

1. Shelter. I’ve finally found a place to live while I’m in college! I’ll be living in a resort-style student living facility which just so happens to be cheaper than the dorms at my college. My mom was sold the minute she discovered that I will be receiving my own washer and dryer. Not when she found out it is a gated community, not when she found out the houses have their own security systems, but when she discovered the washer and dryer. I almost died.

2. Decorations. With finding a home, design and furnishing is a must. Interior decorating is something I absolutely love. In fact, I spent several years as a child contemplating going into this field (Fun fact: my childhood best friend’s mother allowed me to decorate her daughter’s room when we were ten. TEN.). I’m very excited to say that my Kate Spade-inspired room dreams are coming true, thanks to PB Dorm. Check out my Pinterest! I’m posting all of my inspiration on my Home board.

3. Tennis. My name is Samantha Ann, and this is your mid-season varsity tennis update. Wait. Did I just say varsity? I’m actually good at a sport? Coming from the girl whose basketball jersey number was 00 and who never made a single point in three basketball seasons, this is highly impressive. I’m in girl’s doubles with one of my best friends, Cheyenne (yes- the one from this post!), who has only played for about a month. We’re killing it this season, and have made it as far as the semi finals in a tournament. Wish us luck these next few weeks!

4. Scholarships. I have been running myself ragged filling out scholarship applications (and have even managed to snag myself a few!). Scholarship season is in high swing, and I’ve been filling out several scholarships every day. We’re halfway through March, which is followed by April, which is the deadline for most of my applications. I’m almost there!

5. Graduation Hat. Per tradition, the seniors at my school are allowed to paint the tops of their graduation hat according to their personality and/or university of choice. My hat should be coming in during the next couple of weeks, and I can’t be more excited to put my crafting skills to use!

6. Vacation. As with graduating, most seniors throw their own graduation party. While I love attending social gatherings, I would much rather put the money that would have been spent on a party toward a trip, preferably a cruise. I have never been on one, but have been researching intently in hopes of snagging myself a 7-day voyage under $200.

Do you guys have any vacation-booking tips? Tell me all about it in my comments!


Samantha Ann