Put a Necklace on It

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I have always loved jewelry. My humble beginnings as a designer began with elastic thread and plastic beads, turning items so small into something that can make or break an outfit. At the age of four, I was hooked by the pure fact that all you need is a simple necklace or earring to pull your whole look together.

Enter my obsession with statement necklaces, which began a little over two years ago. My first purchase was a red bubble necklace that I wore every. Single. Day. With every. Single. Outfit. All of my friends hated it and begged me to get rid of it. Still, I refused, and only stopped wearing it when it broke, along with my heart. Eventually, I bought more necklaces so I could actually have a rotation. I also fixed my beloved red bubble necklace and continue to wear it from time to time, despite a few groans from my peers.

However, my current favorite is one given to me by one of my best friends, Cheyenne. I’m not sure if the gift was an attempt to get me to break away from my red necklace, but whatever. I wore it last night to my uncle’s 80th birthday party and it paired perfectly with my green Vicker’s bow bracelet from KJP, shown below.


Sandy Anchor Bow Bracelet – Kiel James Patrick

I love wearing statement necklaces with collared shirts. This way, you can tuck the chain portion underneath and let the gorgeous statement portion do its magic. The blouse that I wore (shown above) is from J.Crew Factory and I am unbelievably obsessed! 

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? Tell me in my comments!


Samantha  Ann