Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Okay I’ll admit it: I’m not one to obsess over trends. Sure, I appreciate them, but do I follow every single one? Absolutely not. Personally, I think copy-catting takes away from a person’s individual style. But what if you really, really, really love the trend?

Just go for it. Take me for example: I’ve tried cutting my hair short several times in my life, but not once has it worked in my favor. I think the main problem was I didn’t know what flattered my face shape.

So when all of Hollywood- including, yes, my girl, Taylor Swift- decided to chop their long locks for a long bob, you would have thought I would have steered away. Not today, ladies! After months spent on Pinterest determining which shape I wanted, I booked myself a trip to my hairdresser and cut six inches off of my mane. Was it worth it? Check for yourself:


Shirt: Forever 21, Fall 2013 collection

Is there a new trend you’re dying to try?


Samantha Ann


The Sunday Six, no. 03

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School. School. School. That’s all that seems to be on my mind lately. Spring break is now officially over for me, which means I can finally start looking forward to graduation! Here are a few college-related things (Sports? Wow) that have been on my mind this week:

1. Shelter. I’ve finally found a place to live while I’m in college! I’ll be living in a resort-style student living facility which just so happens to be cheaper than the dorms at my college. My mom was sold the minute she discovered that I will be receiving my own washer and dryer. Not when she found out it is a gated community, not when she found out the houses have their own security systems, but when she discovered the washer and dryer. I almost died.

2. Decorations. With finding a home, design and furnishing is a must. Interior decorating is something I absolutely love. In fact, I spent several years as a child contemplating going into this field (Fun fact: my childhood best friend’s mother allowed me to decorate her daughter’s room when we were ten. TEN.). I’m very excited to say that my Kate Spade-inspired room dreams are coming true, thanks to PB Dorm. Check out my Pinterest! I’m posting all of my inspiration on my Home board.

3. Tennis. My name is Samantha Ann, and this is your mid-season varsity tennis update. Wait. Did I just say varsity? I’m actually good at a sport? Coming from the girl whose basketball jersey number was 00 and who never made a single point in three basketball seasons, this is highly impressive. I’m in girl’s doubles with one of my best friends, Cheyenne (yes- the one from this post!), who has only played for about a month. We’re killing it this season, and have made it as far as the semi finals in a tournament. Wish us luck these next few weeks!

4. Scholarships. I have been running myself ragged filling out scholarship applications (and have even managed to snag myself a few!). Scholarship season is in high swing, and I’ve been filling out several scholarships every day. We’re halfway through March, which is followed by April, which is the deadline for most of my applications. I’m almost there!

5. Graduation Hat. Per tradition, the seniors at my school are allowed to paint the tops of their graduation hat according to their personality and/or university of choice. My hat should be coming in during the next couple of weeks, and I can’t be more excited to put my crafting skills to use!

6. Vacation. As with graduating, most seniors throw their own graduation party. While I love attending social gatherings, I would much rather put the money that would have been spent on a party toward a trip, preferably a cruise. I have never been on one, but have been researching intently in hopes of snagging myself a 7-day voyage under $200.

Do you guys have any vacation-booking tips? Tell me all about it in my comments!


Samantha Ann

The Sunday Six, no. 02

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Ahh… March 1st. Otherwise known as my personal official day of spring (sorry, Mr. Groundhog). Although where I live it’s currently cold and rainy, I know that my beloved days of sunny skies and warm breezes are fast approaching. To keep me sane as we make this weird transition from winter to spring, I’ll just keep a list all of the spring pieces I’m excited to wear.

1. CHINOS. Saying the name of these fancy shorts isn’t near as fun as actually wearing them. I typically will tuck in a looser fitting t-shirt into mine for a dressed-up yet casual look. Accentuate with a thin belt and you’re perfectly prepared to head to dinner after a long day at the beach.

2. MIDI SKIRTS. Cute, sweet, and totally sixties-inspired, these skirts are a combination of everything I love. Perfect for running to the diner to grab milkshakes with the nice young boy you’re currently going steady with, this skirt does wonders for those of us who are ready to get rid of the uncomfortableness of jeans but aren’t yet willing to shave above the knee. Pair with a pair of kitten heels and you’re ready to be picked up for the drive-in movies at 8 o’clock sharp.

3. SUNNIES. Is it just me or is there a shortage of sunglass-clad fashionistas each year during the colder months? I’m totally guilty of this. I recently rebirthed my Wayfarers and hope to add a bigger, rounder set to my collection sometime soon. Until then, you can find me by the pool trying to figure out how to hook my glasses inside my Lilly Pulitzer Croakies and dousing up with little SPF 15 to prevent super awkward tan lines.

4. JACKS. Yes, I am the epitome of your basic preppy girl. However, in defense of Vineyard Vines wearing girls everywhere, Jack Rogers are the perfect Spring Break staple. They carry you from a long day on the beach to dinner on the boardwalk faster than you can order your breakfast mimosas.

5. SWIMSUITS. More specifically, high-necked swimsuits. It seems to me that this years trend is less scooped neck and more high collar. Perfect for long necked girls like myself, this swimsuit lengthens and prevents most TMI moments. Don’t be afraid to wade a little deeper in the water, ladies: this style has you covered. Literally.

6. CAP AND GOWN. No Sunday Six post is complete until I give you a rant about how excited I am to graduate. I can’t help but be overcome with excitement each time I think about this coming fall- and it’s not just because of J. Crew’s sequin-filled Fall 2015 collection. While I know I shouldn’t wish away my high school years, I know I’m meant for something more than AP Calculus. To all of my 2015 readers: it’s almost over. Just three more months. Hang in there.


Samantha Ann

The Sunday Six, no. 01

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I have been in such a giddy mood all day. Perhaps it’s the fact that Meghan Trainor graced the March issue of Seventeen magazine (who doesn’t love her rockin’ confidence and super catchy lyrics?). Or maybe it’s the fact that I bought two boxes of Thin Mints today (more about that later in this post!). Whatever it is, I can’t contain it anymore, and so I’m going to spread the joy with you. Here are a few things that have me smiling today! 1. COLLEGE. I am currently a senior in high school and I cannot wait to get out of my sleepy little small town and head into the big world. While I should probably be filling out scholarship apps right now (Shh! That’s what I told my mom I was doing on the computer!), I am super duper excited to announce to my lovely readers that I have finally finally finally decided on a major. I want to major in Communications. And I want to be a fashion journalist. And I want to live in an apartment. And I want to decorate the apartment to look like Kate Spade and Taylor Swift had a dance party and baked cupcakes and threw confetti and then handed me the keys. 2. SENIOR PICTURES. I take mine in exactly a week and I am freaking. Out. To go along with my whole fashion journalism theme, I’m going to take a ton of fashion magazines and take pictures with the spreads. I also will be taking pictures with a 1960’s Jeep! I’ll be sure and share a few photos with you guys when I get the proofs. 3. RUSH. With the occurrence of the whole college transition, I’m super excited to be able to finally join a sorority. Many women in my family are alumnae and have nothing but positive memories. In fact, my mom was a Zeta Tau Alpha and I grew up reading her Themis magazines. My college’s Rush Week applications open up in less than two months! *screams internally* 4. TENNIS. Something you may not know about me is that I absolutely love the sport of tennis. Do I have fun playing it? Absolutely! Am I actually any good at the sport? Absolutely not! However, tennis is a great sport to learn as you can play it at any point in your life. Tennis season just began at my school, which means I get to skip every single Friday for the next six weeks to go to tournaments! Goodbye AP Bio, hello cute tennis skirts. 5. CAMERA. My birthday was a few weeks ago. As a present for myself, I went on Amazon and found a great deal on a Canon DSLR. I’ve been wanting one for years and finally got one! This package came with not only the camera, but a tripod, several lenses and filters, and a fancy travel case. I hope to not only take some awesome tennis action shots, but be able to share fashionable images with you. Wish me luck! 6. THIN MINT CAKE POPS. I saved the best for last! When I arrived at the grocery store today, I was approached by some lovely Girl Scouts and their oh-so-delicious boxes of cookies. Naturally, I “forgot” my incident on Fat Tuesday this week when I ate an entire box of Lemonades by myself in under twenty minutes. Anyways, I figured I would hope that the thin mints lived up to their name and made me slimmer. I rushed home as soon as I could and decided: hey! Why stop at eating an entire box of cookies when I could torture myself even more and make cake pops? I found a recipe from Kristan and I could not be more excited to share this amazing recipe with you! Have a fabulous week, loves! xoxo, Samantha Ann

first introductions are always a little awkward

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Ok let’s get this over with: Hi! My name is Samantha, although I consider myself a Jackie and idolize Blair. I’m super passionate about a few things: God, my oh-so-perfect boyfriend Jerry, my amazing friends and family, and, of course, writing and fashion. I’m an award-winning short story writer, and began my impressive purse collection at the age of five. In fact, as a young child I used to cringe when I saw the clothing my mother wore and exclaim, “You need to get fashion, Mom!”

I began making my own jewelry out of my house when I was four. By the time I was ten, I had a job lined up for me at a local boutique when I turned sixteen. When I was eleven, I was selling pieces to a boutique in Dallas. At twelve, I started taking orders and doing so called “trunk shows” around my community.

Since then, I’ve learned how to sew and developed what my mom likes to call “finer taste” and what Jerry likes to call “breaking his wallet”. However, I choose to use this interest to drive my passions. My goal is to pursue a job in fashion- every girl’s dream, right?!- and spend the rest of my life doing what I love and correcting my mother’s absurd fashion choices. Kidding! Kind of.

I’m excited about what the future holds for both me and the fashion world! This includes getting to know all who read my blog. I hope to get to know each of my followers, so don’t be afraid to comment below!


Samantha Ann