2015: Chapter 1, Page 1

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As you may know, yesterday was the birth of xoxo, Samantha Ann. Surprisingly enough, I have a totally different New Years resolution than blogging: I want to be fit. I know, I know. Same resolution, different year, different girl. But hear me out first.

My parents divorced when I was four. As a result, I often turned to food for comfort. This resulted in me being overweight as a child. I remember being in second grade and being 121 pounds. My heaviest was when I was 12 and exceeding 200 pounds.

Around that time, I started playing sports. Since I had practice every day, I had less opportunities to pig out. Add in the fact that I was actually being active for a chance, I started to lose weight. Over the course of a year, I lost almost 50 pounds!

Two years ago I lost 15 pounds in one summer! Then I started dating Jerry and gained it all back. One of our shared interests is eating- so much so that we frequent a local buffet every weekend and once spent $21 buying junk food at a convenience store. I was recently given these wise words of wisdom: if you’re not gaining weight, you’re not in love. Obviously, me and Jerry are meant to be together forever by our eating patterns. However, there is no rule that we can’t eat together and still be healthy.

On Monday, I’m starting Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide 1.0 for the second time. I’ll be part of #thekaylamovement, where girls around the world- including Kayla herself!- will be doing the guides as a team. In addition, I will be giving my best effort to eat as healthy as I can, and choose to go for the salad bar at the buffet instead of the self-serve ice cream bar.

What are your resolutions? Spill all of the details in my comments!


Samantha Ann