Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Okay I’ll admit it: I’m not one to obsess over trends. Sure, I appreciate them, but do I follow every single one? Absolutely not. Personally, I think copy-catting takes away from a person’s individual style. But what if you really, really, really love the trend?

Just go for it. Take me for example: I’ve tried cutting my hair short several times in my life, but not once has it worked in my favor. I think the main problem was I didn’t know what flattered my face shape.

So when all of Hollywood- including, yes, my girl, Taylor Swift- decided to chop their long locks for a long bob, you would have thought I would have steered away. Not today, ladies! After months spent on Pinterest determining which shape I wanted, I booked myself a trip to my hairdresser and cut six inches off of my mane. Was it worth it? Check for yourself:


Shirt: Forever 21, Fall 2013 collection

Is there a new trend you’re dying to try?


Samantha Ann


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